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Joyful & Romantic Wedding Photographer
Serving Atlanta & North Georgia

Hi friends, I'm the big dreamer behind Five Fourteen Photography! I have been gracing the wedding scene since 2016. When I started Five Fourteen, I had no idea how wildly successful it would be in such little time! All I knew was that I was going to give it my all and serve my clients with every ounce of my soul. That's the vision of Five Fourteen - to brighten up the atmosphere in any way humanly possible!  And here you are... I hope to brighten your purpose and bring even more blessings to your business by sharing some of my best practices! Enjoy!

Hi, I'm Jessica. I'm more than just a photographer and mentor, I'm a big dreamer who believes we all have been blessed with something to share...

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Now, the fun (and hard work) begins!  Depending on your needs, we may schedule one session or a bulk of sessions spread out over the next few weeks. We will cover dates, times, communication, duration and follow-up.  I'm an open-book; as my coaching client you will have plenty of access to me. It is my goal to see you succeed and be your biggest cheerleader! 

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Fill out the short form below. Upon inquiry, I will email you a more in-depth questionnaire that will help me assess your needs to ensure I can help you thrive! I take great pride in my coaching clients and will strive to only take on photographers who I know will fit with my style based on where they are at in their business compared to my knowledge of expertise. 

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I left a high-producing sales position at AT&T and started Five Fourteen with just a dream (and a whole lot of prayers). I was full time by my second year and shooting luxury weddings just as fast! My expertise is in sales, business, and client experience. Are you in a place where you are yearning to see growth but you just don't know where to go next? We should chat! 

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