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  Hi!  I'm Jessica, the main communicator for Five Fourteen Photography. Here is where I love to share our client's stories! As you browse, you will find complete wedding galleries, some great wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

March 15, 2016

Tips for Traveling with your Bridal Gown & Other Wedding/Bridesmaid Dress!

Whether your wedding day is local or destined to a far off romantic location, at some point your bridal gown AND your bridesmaid’s dresses will be traveling! It only takes 15 minutes in a hot suitcase for a gown to wrinkle. Or maybe your gown has been in its garment bag for a few months and the bottom isn’t quite fresh anymore.  Now, we don’t want wrinkles on your big day OR in your photos! That’s why I’m sharing one of my FAVORITE wedding day tips…

BRING A STEAMER (or three)

Most dress shops will gladly steam your bridal gown for you before you pick it up. This isn’t always the case for those beautiful bridesmaids gowns however. Let’s not forget how men LOVE to take their dress shirt out of the packaging right before they put it on-only to reveal those rigid square shaped lines from being perfectly folded for its entire existence.

This is why I LOVE a steamer (or an iron that has a strong steam puff button)! Most fabrics are steam friendly even if they aren’t iron friendly! Steaming is so easy, also! Just hang your garments up and have your bridal party steam them out while you’re getting your hair and make-up done.

Before shelling out precious money, my first recommendation would be to ask your family and bridal parties if they own a portable steamer (which can be picked up at any Walmart or similar retail store near where the irons are sold) -and if they do, ask them to add them to their checklist of items to bring on the wedding day! The more the merrier (the faster it’ll get done)!  Be sure to check any garment labels for care instructions, of course!  Also, make sure you bring DISTILLED WATER for your steamers. Distilled water doesn’t contain as many minerals as tap water does, this ensures that no residue will transfer to your garments!

That’s it for this tip! Happy Steaming!

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Tips for Traveling with your Wedding Dress | North Georgia Wedding Photographer




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