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Joyful Photographer
Serving Atlanta & North Georgia

Joyful Photographer
Serving Atlanta & North Georgia



what I'm known for:

Trust me, you are NOT awkward; you just need an amazing photographer! Don't know what to do with your hands? I got you! Not a fan of your arms? I know all the tricks! I will work my tail off to ensure you feel like the only person (or people) on the planet that matters! I'm organized, responsive, self-driven, an enneagram 3, and I'm crazy gifted (by God) with my camera! Consider me your hype-squad leader! Don't forget to read my reviews online; I've photographed over 100 weddings and hundreds of other portrait sessions! 

If bright, colorful and timeless images fill your heart with joy, we should chat!

Photos by Refuge

Is the dance floor open yet?!!  Weddings give me an excuse to dance like I'm 21 again! You WILL find me on your dance floor - it's the only way to get all the good action shots! 

what I'm known for:

This is me; your hair-fixing, dress-bustling, makeup-dabbing, dance floor-dancing wedding photographer! You can catch me serving my clients in more ways than just their photos. Once upon a time I was an aerial photographer for tandem skydivers. After about 10 years in the sport and 1,500+ jumps, I decided to hang up my parachute and moved on to photographing weddings. If I'm being totally honest - they're just as exciting!!!

I'm an adventure seeker at heart (met the hubs skydiving!), will forever be a "foodie", and believe Joy is the most magnetic force in the world!

Photos by Refuge

I'm a self-proclaimed Scent-aholic who can almost always be seen wearing flats. My perfume and candle collection may borderline obsession and I love all things HGTV & Food Network. 

what RICK IS known for:

He's my handsome beard-wearing, pizza-loving, Marvel-movie fanatic who is definitely the rock of our family. He's competitive in nature and can be found on his free days at the gun range working on his long range target skills.

The husbeast and I love just about any outdoor adventure just as much as we enjoy an evening snuggled up on the couch checked into hotel- sweatpants. Because both of us grew up pretty close to the beach (Rick-Panama City Beach, FL ; Jess-Jones Beach, NY), we visit any time we can, usually packing our scuba gear. 

We cater our vacation plans around the food we want to try and the oceans we get to explore...

Photos by Refuge

what MACY IS known for:

She's our curly headed almost-adult who would much rather be wearing joggers than a pair of jeans and she spends most of her time at the gym. Can you believe we've watched Grey's Anatomy together every week for nearly her entire life! 

We are parents, too! This is the beautiful, smart, and talented, Macy. She's a pretty awesome gymnast who loves competing on the cheer mat more than just about anything! She's more than half-way through her college journey with dreams of being in the medical field serving women with Breast Cancer. Oh, my heart!

We're parents to the sweetest, smartest, and most talented young lady we know...

Photos by Refuge

what PUPPERS IS known for:

Her favorite thing to do is play tug-of-war with her rope, sometimes plays catch, and has the cutest affinity for pillows! That's right, pillows! You can almost always find her laying her head on one somewhere! 

We are the proud owners of four rescues! We have three black kitties (did you know black cats are the least likely to get adopted?) and one 60 lb amazon-delivery-alert dog. Meet Leia (aka "Puppers"), our Pitbull-Boxer mix. When we got her she had a shattered (yes, shattered!) foot, she was at least 10lbs underweight, and she had obviously been abused. She's much loved and very spoiled now though! We keep telling her she won the puppy lottery, but maybe it was us?! It was us!!!

Saving one animal may not change the world, but for that one animal, their world will certainly change...

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