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April 17, 2017

Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs | Business Podcasts that Inspire Wedding Photographers

Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs running a Photography Business

We creative entrepreneurs wear so many hats in our businesses that it is imperative that we are always learning and seeking to improve ourselves, our client experience, and our business savvy!  However, there is so much information to soak in with so little time to do it.  This is why one of my favorite habits is listening to podcasts!  There are a plethora of business and inspirational podcasts out there that will inspire you, grow you, encourage you, and give you great new ideas to keep on the cutting edge! “If I already have such little time, when on earth am I supposed to listen to podcasts?!”, you ask…  Well, look at your daily tasks; I bet you’ll find plenty of opportunities!

These are my favorite ways to sneak a podcast in…

  • Sync your phone to a portable speaker and listen while you shower and get ready for the day.
  • Quit the Radio! You’ve heard the same songs hundreds of times… All that time you spend in your car, sync your podcasts to the auxiliary in your stereo and listen away!
    • All those long drives to and from weddings, engagement sessions, client consultations, vacations, etc.
    • On the way to the grocery store.
    • Waiting in the child pickup line at school.
    • The hundreds of other errands you run daily.
  • Listen while you workout or go for your daily walk.
  • On vacay… that portable speaker while you soak in the sun on the beach will come in handy!

These are my favorite podcasts for business…

  1. Bokeh It’s Nathan Holritz, the founder of Photographer’s Edit. This podcast caters specifically to Wedding Photographers!
  2. Business on Purpose Molly Stillman brings Light into the podcast world of business!
  3. The Bearded Tog Adam Mason is a fellow ShootFlow tribe member, so naturally I follow him! He’s got good stuff, too!
  4. Six Figure Photography Ben Hartley is to the point and has great input on maximizing your Photography business!
  5. The Goal Digger Jenna Kutcher recently launched this podcast and it’s totally geared towards the Wedding Photography Industry!
  6. TED Talks Business I’ll be honest: I only listen to the episodes that are relevant to me.
  7. Courage & Clarity Steph Crowder is reaching women who desire putting the process to the vision!
  8. Journeys in Business Jess Creatives interviews other entrepreneurs to inspire us in our businesses.
  9. On It by EMyth If you haven’t yet read EMyth and your business owner, drop everything you’re doing and order it now!
  10. Conscious Business with The Corporate Yogi Julie Zuzek is all about empowering women to run a purpose driven and profitable business!


How do you podcast? I’d love to hear your favorites and when you manage to fit them in your schedule!

Thanks for reading! As always, don’t forget to follow us on INSTAGRAM for daily inspiration and check out some of my other posts related to the business of wedding photography here!


photography business creative entreprenuers



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