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This blog is where you'll find a more extensive view of my work, some wedding tips, and you'll get to know me on a more personal level. Enjoy!

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  Hi!  I'm Jessica, the main communicator for Five Fourteen Photography. Here is where I love to share our client's stories! As you browse, you will find complete wedding galleries, some great wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

January 19, 2016

Our Wedding Selfie

This was more than just a selfie, it was a 15 minute break we chose to take to ourselves on our wedding day. There were no family, no friends, no photographer (gasp!), and no videographer. The day went so fast that I am truly grateful for this private moment we got to spend together. We wrapped up family photos, the guests were all enjoying the cocktail hour, and Rick and I snuck upstairs to the bridal suite where we enjoyed the hors d’oeuvres and champagne that were intentionally left for us there.  This was the single best recommendation we had received from our venue team.

Neither one of us carried our phones on us all day; we left all the important contact information up to our bridal parties. So when we snuck away to ourselves, I dug my phone out of my bags and said, “lets take our first married selfie”!  We snapped this picture of ourselves and then enjoyed the most exciting yet calming feeling I’ve ever felt in my life. We kissed, we chatted, and we laughed. We practiced a run-through of our Viennese Waltz in my dress for the first time before heading downstairs where we surprised everyone with our choreographed first dance to Matthew West’s You are Everything. This is the very first picture we saw of ourselves as Mr. & Mrs. Lowell. It’s still my husbands Facebook profile picture to this day! The poor image quality that my forward facing cell phone camera took doesn’t even bother us because this picture is precious to us. This entire moment was precious to us!

Everyone will tell you that your wedding day will move so fast it’ll be gone before it gets here. It’s true folks! So if there is any advice that is good for everyone who is getting married, it is to remember that the day is about you two-do not forget to take every moment you can in order to enjoy it together.



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