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  Hi!  I'm Jessica, the main communicator for Five Fourteen Photography. Here is where I love to share our client's stories! As you browse, you will find complete wedding galleries, some great wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

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February 14, 2017

Attending a Bridal Show | Make the Most of your Experience!

You’re planning a Wedding… but where on Earth do do you start?! Have you visited a Bridal Show or Wedding Expo yet? This is the best way to meet all kinds of local vendors face to face, ask questions, get pricing and availability, and see what they have to offer, all in one day! Looking for a venue, photographer, videographer, DJ, band, caterer, day of coordinator, cake designer, bridal dress, bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, florist, wedding planner, and more?! …Bridal Show!!! We have met about 90% of our brides at bridal shows first! They are so much fun and informative! There’s nothing like a few hundred happily in love brides along with their best friends walking around getting amazing new ideas for their big day! We are preferred vendors with the Elite Events Georgia Bridal Show and we also appear at a few local shows such as the Northeast Georgia Bridal Show.  No matter which show you go to or where you live, these tips will help you make the most of your day, and save you some time as well!

  • Create a Wedding Email Address!
    • Link it to your mobile devices so that you always have access to it and notifications of incoming emails.
    • We can’t stress this enough! Use this email for EVERYTHING wedding related. You’ll be giving out your email a lot during your planning process. You’ll be getting quotes, contracts, planning tips, honeymoon ideas, and access to exclusive deals! When the big day is over, instead of unsubscribing to all the fun stuff you signed up for, you can simply deactivate and delete this account from all of your devices.
  • Bring your Maid of Honor, Mom, and/or Fiance!
    • Plan to make a day of it and bring the ones who you would love to help you plan and give their opinions about your big day!
    • Some Brides bring their Groom to Be; some would rather make it a girls day. You choose!
    • If a certain parent or loved one is contributing to the budget, it’s polite to invite them. Again, totally your choice!
  • Make sure you arrive early allowing yourself plenty of time to actually stop and chat with all the vendors.
    • After you’ve made your way through the entire show, feel free and go back to the vendors you really loved and make a second connection!
    • Ask your favorite vendors if they’re offering a special deal if you sign on the dotted line today! Many offer Show Discounts for that day or even the week of the show.
    • Feel free to ask to schedule a consultation or coffee shop meet up for the following week to get to know the vendor better.
  • Bring Pre-printed Self Adhesive Mailing Labels!!!
    • These will SAVE YOU TONS OF TIME!
    • Many of the Vendors have a Giveaway or Raffle to Enter as part of the Show Experience. To keep from handwriting the same info over and over all day, bring labels!
    • Not sure how?  …I found you easy to follow steps right here.
    • Put ALL of this Info on your Labels
      • Brides Full Name
      • Grooms Full Name
      • Wedding Date
      • Venue (if solidified)
      • Wedding Email Address
      • Phone Number
  • Bring your Notebook, Calendar, or Planner
    • You’ll want a place to jot down ideas, names, businesses, and appointments that you may have made.
  • Wear something comfortable
    • There will be a good bit of walking and standing. Leave the stilettos at home and bring Toms if you love them as much as I do!

Most importantly, have fun and come with an open mind! Odds are this is the first wedding you’ve ever planned. By the end of the day you will have a good idea of the investment needed and you will have lots of new great ideas you didn’t have before you came! When you leave the show go out and enjoy lunch, dinner, or drinks with your entourage and discuss the things you loved about the day! Happy Planning!

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