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We have been honored to have the opportunity to photograph so many joyful couples over the years!  If you’ve been following us for some time now, you already know that we LOVE when our Brides and Grooms opt for the First Look!

There are so many reasons that it is a wonderful addition to your big day. We know this not only because we love to photograph them, but because we also had a First Look when we were married ourselves years ago.  Not only was this our favorite time together during the wedding day, but those pictures are some of our top favorite images to this day!  The images from our first look and portrait time that followed are the ones we printed, framed, and designed into our album; they will most likely be yours, too!

Please remember: When it comes to the flow of your day, it is always YOUR choice… no photographer should ever require a First Look; but if you’re curious about it please read on…

best first look wedding pictures ever

The First Look Explained

If you’re not sure what a First Look is, it’s easily described as taking a PRIVATE moment BEFORE the ceremony for the Bride to reveal herself to her Groom for the first time all dressed up.  First Look’s are easily becoming the new tradition; 90% of our brides are doing away with the “not until the aisle” idea of the grooms first look and they’re meeting each other in a quiet and private moment before the ceremony.

Why are Brides and Grooms choosing this option? Here are some of the top reasons you might love a First Look option:

40% More Bride & Groom Portraits!

  • That’s right! When you plan for a first look in the timeline before the ceremony, there’s no rush trying to get to your reception.
  • This gives you so many options to decorate your walls, fill your social media feed, gift prints to your family, and fill your heirloom album with.

Private Moment to Enjoy Each Other Freely!

  • For most couples, this is the ONLY time during their Wedding Day that they will ever be alone to enjoy each other intimately.
  • If you wait until the aisle to see each other, you won’t have an opportunity to talk, hug, kiss, or even embrace each other in any sort of way… you have to wait until the END of the ceremony to express how overjoyed you are. It just isn’t the same.

Extend Your Day by Hours!

  • Since the First Look is factored into the beginning part of the day, almost all of your photos will be complete before the Ceremony.
  • Imagine geting to your Reception faster to enjoy your family, friends, dancing, and food!!!

You will not Feel Rushed!

  • Most venues give you ONE HOUR after a ceremony for all pictures.  It typically takes 10-15 minutes for everyone to make there way back from the precessional to take pictures; then it takes a minimum of 20 minutes for family pictures, 20 minutes for bridal party, and then you’re left with just 10 minutes for just the two of you?!   There’s little time to be fun, flirty, and romantic when you feel rushed.

More Romantic Portraits!

  • Because you will roll from your First Look right into your Bride and Groom formal portraits, you’ll both be happy and full of romantic energy.  Instead of being rushed after the ceremony, you’ll be much more relaxed!  More relaxed means your images will radiate with more sweetness and be more genuine than traditionally posed images.  What bride doesn’t want that?!!


Two Times the Opportunity in Case it Rains! 

  • The thought of rain on your wedding day is dreadful, we know!  The good news is the odds of raining for a small portion of your day vs. all day are completely different!
  • If you have a First Look Planned, this gives you two times the opportunity to still get those outdoor images you’re dreaming of in the case of rain on your wedding day!  How, you ask?  When you have a First Look planned into your timeline you will have at least a half hour both before AND after the ceremony for Bride & Groom portraits.  If it rains before your ceremony, it’s likely (not guaranteed) that it will pass by the time your ceremony is over.  So whereas we may have to host your First Look indoors, you are likely to still have the opportunity for images outdoors after the ceremony.
  • This works vice-versa also!!!  This is the unfortuante case we see most often: a wedding day where the bride did NOT plan a First Look and it rains!  It’s gorgeous and sunny all morning and early afternoon and then comes the storm jsut in time for the ceremony, and with it the humidity that turns her hair into a flat frizzy mess!  Then what?  After taking Family Formals and Bridal Party images first so that they can be dismissed to the reception, by the time we get to Bride and Groom portraits, her hair is flat, her makeup has melted, the mascara is running (hello joyful crying), and the ground is soaking wet – which soaks up the bottom of her dress.  Do you see how there was a missed opportunity earlier in the day for sunny and dry portraits?   Even though it is still not a guarantee, a First Look Look is almost like Bride and Groom Portrait Insurance; giving you more opportunity in the case of rain!

Speaking of Relaxed…

  • The First Look takes the pressure off of the aisle!  Most Grooms are first time Grooms and don’t realize how nervous they can get; with the First Look already completed, he will surely enjoy the ceremony and have precious memories that will last his lifetime.
  • 100% of our couples who have had a first look have said they were so glad they did and that it was the best decision they made when it came to planning the flow of the day!

These are just a FEW of the reasons a First Look might be a great addition to your perfect Wedding! It’s YOUR Wedding, YOU decide! Happy planning friends! Thanks for reading! 🙂

First Look Pictures

best first look wedding pictures everBest wedding photographers in Monroe ga Georgia

first look wedding pictures Atlanta botanical gardensBest First Look Wedding Pictures Ever_0006



Best First Look Wedding Pictures Ever_0000CeNita Winery Wedding Pictures



These are just a FEW of the reasons a First Look might be a great addition to your perfect Wedding! It’s YOUR Wedding, YOU decide! Happy planning friends! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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