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Are You struggling to get word of mouth leads?

Does it seems impossible to get on preferred vendor lists?

does it feel like pulling teeth to get online reviews from clients?

Have you tried increasing your prices only to hear crickets?

Do You Want To Increase Your Prices but you're afraid?

Do you want to add more value to your client experience?

Maybe you can relate...

I discovered that the experience I give my clients BEFORE I ever meet them or get them in front of my lens, is the deciding factor in how much they rave about me! 

Your clients may like you and may even love the work you're delivering to them BUT when they are super-fans, they become walking-talking commercials for your business! The experience you give them when you are not in their presence is the single-most easiest way for them to become referral machines! 

Then, I'd Like To Share With You My Best Kept Secret For Turning My Clients & Vendors Into Raving Super-Fans

Which Has Led to Booking More Clients And Raising My Prices At A Rapid Rate!

I Was Booking & Shooting $50-100k Weddings My 2nd Year In Business With NO Prior Wedding Experience! 

Hi friend, I'm the big dreamer behind Five Fourteen Photography. My amazing husband, Rick, and I have been gracing the wedding scene since 2016. When I started Five Fourteen, I had no idea how wildly successful it would be in such little time! All I knew was that I was going to give it my all and serve my clients with every ounce of my soul. That's the vision of Five Fourteen - to brighten up the atmosphere in any way humanly possible!

In January of 2016 we presented at a bridal show with only one wedding under our belts and having only ever been in our own wedding. That's right, we had ZERO WEDDING EXPERIENCE! By our SECOND YEAR we were photographing 40 weddings a year and some of those with very healthy budgets ($50-100k)! By OUR THIRD YEAR we were turning away more inquiries than we were taking and now I'm on a mission to help other wedding photographers grow their business with purpose and in rapid time! 

Hi, I'm Jess!

The Secrets I'm Sharing Allowed Me To Grow My Business At An Incredible Speed!

When I first started my wedding photography business, I wasn't sure anyone would even want to book me! I found a little trick (hint: it's a gift) to getting couples to trust me with their big day and it only cost me $10! I'm sharing that $10 secret and many more with you today!

That $10 secret was the ah-ha moment in my business! That's when I knew just simply being a wedding photographer wasn't going to cut it. If I wanted to build a luxury brand and charge MORE than I'm worth, I needed to cater to my clients in a way no one else would!

Over the years I've tested many different gifting options and I'm sharing all of those with you today in my Ultimate Client Gifting Guide! 

Sound impossible? Keep reading! 

Gifting Is THE ONE THING All Luxury Photographers Do To Position Themselves In The Higher Price-Point Market! 


- J. Michelle Photography

I am LOVING the Gift Guide!  ... I love all the different options for different price points but I also love how they are not the typical gifts most photographers give! I've been looking for different ideas that are just as fun and special that create an experience. I feel sooooo much better about what I'm setting up for my clients now! 


Implementing This System Results In More RefeRrals & More Weddings!

The Ultimate Client Gifting Guide

Your "Job" As A Wedding Photographer And Selling Yourself Becomes Much Easier When Your Clients Are Raving Super-Fans!


My clients are marketing for me now!!!

It never fails... every time one of my clients receives one of my new gifts, they share it on social media! It's instant marketing without a marketing budget!  I get new followers with every share, too!  Giving gifts really does expand my reach while also giving my brides an amazing experience! WoW!

- My 30 Page Ultimate Client Gifting Guide  ($149 Value)
- My Vendor Gifting & Networking Mini Guide ($89 Value)
- Gifting Workflow/Schedule Mini Guide ($49 Value)
- Outsourcing Mini Guide ($49 Value)
- All Guides Are Instant Access PDF Digital Downloads :0)

The client secrets that i'm sharing have earned me solid 5-star reviews effortlessly! 
no pulling teeth to get my clients to leave a review! 

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These are my best kept marketing secrets that I would normally cover in a mentoring session - which is $650 an hour! 

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