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February 7, 2017

How to Save Money on Your Wedding with the Guest List | North Georgia Wedding Photographers

My last post on Budgeting 101 covered the basics of choosing where to allocate the bulk of your budget according to what is most important to YOU. Today’s tip for saving big bucks on your Wedding Day is the number one way to save money on your Wedding, but it’s not necessarily the easiest thing to do… The Guest List.

If you’re like we were, we thought we knew about 100 people and that would be our magic number. So we booked a venue that comfortably sat 100; any more than that and we would be too tight. Then we made the list! You know the one: You start with your immediate family, then your besties, then your cousins, and their cousins, and your parents friends, your co-workers, the people that invited you to their wedding 5 years ago, and everyone in your church, even your childhood babysitter, and next thing you know… You’ve blown your list by 200! Then you come to the realization that your venue/caterer is charging food and drinks by the number of heads present regardless if they ever touch their food or pick up a wine glass… Yikes! This is it, you’re number one budget killer!

It’s no secret you’re planning a wedding, it’s probably all you talk and dream about. So of course your co-workers, your old college roommates, and your extended family know. Does that mean you should feel guilted in to inviting all of them? Not at all! If they’ve ever planned a wedding, they will understand! So where do you start when mapping out your Guest List?


Here’s an Outline to get you Started:


  1. Make the Initial Guest List
    1. Put everyone you are thinking of on this list. Everyone.
    2. Assess the number and figure out how much you need to cut it by.
    3. Determine if your parents are getting a certain number of people they will invite or if you and your fiance are going to call all of the shots.
  2. Start an A List & B List
    1. I know, it sounds horrible! Think of it as a “Definite” list and a “Maybe” list.
    2. Go through your Initial Guest List and begin to divide the list into the A and B lists (and C if needed).
  3. Start with your Family
    1. Are you and your fiance going to split this list up into even numbers or is one family bigger than the other?
    2. Pick the family you are each closest to first; these are the Definites and they go on the A List.
    3. Pick the next most important family members, the ones you know you couldn’t get married without their presence.
    4. For now, put the rest on the B List.
  4. Pick your Friends
    1. Your Bridal Party should be first on the A List.
    2. Then add the friends you keep in touch with on a regular basis. Facebook and texting once every few months is NOT a regular basis.
    3. Put the rest of the friends on your B List.
  5. Acquaintances Next
    1. These are the people you see and speak to daily but you may not actually spend a lot of time with in your personal life. They are your co-workers, church members, class mates, etc. Divy them up: A or B.
  6. Consider the Significant Others, Spouses, and Children of Those that Made the A List.
    1. Accounting for these adds to your list.
  7. Time to assess the number you have.
    1. Are you close to or over your magic number?
  8. Finalize the Master List
    1. Depending on your A List, you can now either add to it or remove from it.
    2. This is the hard part!
    3. Do NOT FEEL Guilty!


You’re planning the wedding of your dreams! Just ask yourself “Will my day be ruined if this person isn’t there”?  Let your heart guide you from there! It won’t be an easy thing to do, but those who truly care and love you, will understand- and that’s what matters! So plan on my friend! If you haven’t already read Budgeting 101, or How Many Hours Do I Need? , please do so!

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