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  Hi!  I'm Jessica, the main communicator for Five Fourteen Photography. Here is where I love to share our client's stories! As you browse, you will find complete wedding galleries, some great wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

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February 3, 2017

Receiving Gifts | The 5 Love Languages

Let’s talk GIFTS!!! Who doesn’t love getting a gift?! Actually, I’m sure we all know a few people who just get stressed out by gifts, they fear having equally gifted the other, or obsess over finding the perfect gift, or they just don’t receive them well. But for some of us, we are just gifters! This is our last post in the series of The 5 Love Languages. I saved gifts for last, probably because it’s my favorite 🙂

For a person who shows and receives emotional love through gifts, its not only extravagant gifts but its often the smallest thoughts and gestures that fill their “love tank”.  Loving a gifter does not mean you will have to empty your wallets on a weekly basis! Well, as long as you don’t have a high maintenance spouse, that is 😉  But if you show up with his or her favorite cup of coffee, or a new mug, journal, candle, bouquet of flowers, or candy, and you’re guaranteed to put a smile on their face!

Is your significant other often showering you with gifts or pays close attention to the things you say and is always nailing the perfect gift for you? Odds are you’re in love with a gifter! Want to fill their tank, enhance your relationship, and put a smile on their face? Spontaneously bring them small gifts of affection. It’s ok if you can’t afford her favorite Jimmy Choo Perfume! Seriously, there are some great ideas out there for small and affordable gifts. Have you been to a Charming Charlie lately? Pick up a statement necklace at a friendly price! Stop by Starbucks and bring home a latte. Bring him home his favorite indulgence the next time you run to the grocery store. The options are endless! Have fun!

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