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linktree instagram marketing strategy

April 27, 2017

LinkTree | Instagram Marketing Strategy | Tools for Wedding Photographers and Creative Business Owners

Today’s tip will help your Instagram Marketing Strategy, it’s FREE, and takes less than 5 minutes to implement!

In the business of wedding photography or as a creative business owner (or any entrepreneur for that matter) we are always looking for tools to make our lives easier!  What happens when that tool is FREE?! Well, we have to try it out! This tool is specifically for Instagram Marketing and you will LOVE it!

I’ll be the first to admit, the first time I saw a LinkTree I thought I had landed on a rudimentary website that needed updating… Once I figured out I was still technically in between Instagram and the site I wanted to visit however, I had a lightbulb moment! “This is awesome”, I thought!

You know how you’re always trying to use Instagram to direct traffic back to your website, newsletter, blog, or any link for that matter? Well if you’re like the rest of us, that means you’re constantly changing your web link in your IG profile based on what you want your followers to do that day.  Or you’re not updating your link-which is a No-No!  If your most recent post asks me to read your blog and I follow through to your profile and click the link only to be brought to a third party email  sign up, well… you have made it impossible for me to find your blog!  Your potential traffic will give up in less than 20 seconds!  TWENTY SECONDS ya’ll!!!

This is where LinkTree comes in! LinkTree replaces your ONE link with MULTIPLE links that you set up!  Now with one click your Instagram Followers can access links to your blog, newsletter, article, recent photography session, your about me page, even Facebook or Pinterest!  The possibilities are endless! It’s easy to use, you can set it up from your mobile device, pick a design that best suits your branding (they are still working on more options for this), and voila!

Go ahead and check out Our Instagram and click the Link to check out our LinkTree.


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I'm Sharing My Best Kept Business Secrets Here

I'm Sharing Business Secrets Here