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They say you should get personal on your blog every now and then; well, then this one’s gonna get personal… This year Mother’s Day falls on May 14th (Five Fourteen)!  Five Fourteen is special to me because it is from Matthew 5:14 where the Word reminds us we are to be the LIGHT of the World…  Did you know photography is defined as the Art of LIGHT?  Key word: LIGHT.

My mother was the Light!  She was the kind of woman who would find a way to give when she had nothing herself to even give.  Over the course of our many years growing up in our parents house we often had people living with us who at some point or another found themselves in a situation where they just needed help; this included relatives, co-workers,  an entire family of 5,  and even friends of mine and my brothers. We lived in a 3 bedroom home you guys!  She was the kind of mom that everyone claimed as their own. She was the kind of woman that would come take care of you and serve you selflessly when you were sick, recovering, or even passing.  She worked hard, loved fiercely, and darnit… she was just fun!  The woman could bowl a perfect 300 and she’d dance the night away if you took her to the country-western bar, even with Harrington Rods holding her spine straight!   When she passed in 2010, a girl that she once worked with my age reached out to me and told me how my mothers constant advice and support saved her from her depression.  My mother was the LIGHT.  When Metastatic Breast Cancer consumed her whole body, she SHINED through it all.  Let me tell you, that’s a tough journey to shine through.

I am no stranger to loss… Three years after my mom passed I lost my long time best friend, Kim; she knew the Light.  In our 12 years of sisterhood I never saw her cry; she seriously was ALWAYS smiling!  Two years ago on May 14th (Five Fourteen) we lost my oldest brother to a sudden and massive heart attack.  He was in great shape and way too young.  John was the Light, too!  He was a bit of a wanderer, worked hard, joked all the time, and also, gave more than he ever had to give!

Though this seems sad, it is not!  Sure, I still shed tears over my loved ones every now and then but I have been blessed to have had such amazing people in my life!  My aunt Erin once told me that your loved ones are like the roots and you are the tree; they are a part of you, they contribute to your growth, and you stand firm because of them.  Though you can not see them, they are there!  You are who you are because you have part of them in your own Foundation!  You see this is just a journey we are all walking along… we will each one day give up this body we are just borrowing for an undetermined amount of time.  Knowing that our time on earth is futile should remind you to also be the LIGHT.  To give more than you take, to love fiercely, share your wisdom, and let the little things breeze on by.  Light is not meant to be hidden, it is meant to be displayed in order to lead others who are on their journey.  Be a LIGHTHOUSE and LIGHT the way!  Because in the end, it is not the car you drive or the job you have that will matter, but the footprint you left on the world and the hearts of those you came in contact with that matters the most!

My mom, Debby and my oldest brother, John. She was also the kind of woman who would put her jammies on as soon as she got home! lol!

My sister, Jen with our Mom and Brother.

Goodness Macy was little here! That’s my brother, Brian. This was at Arabian Knights in Kissimmee on our last family vacation.

Christmas 2009. Bald and smiling!

Christmas 2007… that woman didn’t have hair, she had a mane!

And if you read this far… that’s my dad above!  He’s the guy who took me to get my first tattoo, threw me out of an airplane for my 18th birthday, and TRIED to teach me to ride a Harley (LOL)!  The COOLEST dad in the world!  He’s having hip replacement surgery in the morning, so if you could say a quick prayer for him, I’d sure appreciate it!  Thanks for reading! Shine on my friends! Go be the LIGHT!

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