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how to hire a wedding photographer

May 10, 2017

Love your Photographers | Hiring the Perfect Vendors for your Wedding Day

How to Hire the Perfect Wedding Photographers : Choosing your wedding photographers based on personality, not price tag!

The most important day of your marriage is the first one… your wedding day! This is the first day of the rest of your lives together as husband and wife; it is the day you say your vows to each other and promise to stick it out through thick and thin! You want it to fit your own vision perfectly! As you venture out into the wedding planning process you will likely talk to and meet many vendors from all areas of the wedding industry. Brides use many factors in their decision making process when choosing their team that will serve them on their big day: need, availability, investment, talent, and personality are among the top aspects that play a role in a bride’s decision. While all of these are important, we believe that when it comes to your wedding photographers, personality is among the most important aspect! That is, if you value your wedding photography! Of course talent is a given; you are likely already considering photographers whose work you love- so that shouldn’t be in question at this point.

Why you should LOVE your Wedding Photographers

Think about it this way: the one vendor that will be by your side for pretty much the entirety of your wedding day will be your photographer (as well as your videographer)!  As you’re getting your make-up applied, when you bare all to slip in your ever so beautiful wedding dress, when you are reading the love note your fiancé sent over, when you and your best friends pray before leaving for the ceremony, when you and your soon to be husband share your first look of each other, as your sweet daddy walks you down the aisle and dances his last dance with you as his little girl, when your new groom slips off your garter for the toss, and for the ceremonial feeding of the cake… all of these important and truly intimate moments are the ones your wedding photographer will be there for!  Your DJ, Band, Caterer, Florist, Officiant, and other vendors all play important parts in making your vision come to life, but they will come and go with much less interaction on your actual wedding day.  Your photographers however, will be the ones there from beginning to end!  Make sure you love them for who they are, their values, their personality, and how well you click first and foremost!  When you chose such an important vendor based solely on price, you are highly likely to be less than enthusiastic with the experience you desire most!

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