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This Piedmont Park photoshoot was an awesome session, and I loved getting to capture this amazing family! They didn’t just bring themselves to the park, but their brand new Cockapoo puppy too! I was so excited to get this session started! 

Friends Forever

Brooke and Isaac are a super sweet couple. I met Brooke through the Katelyn James Facebook Group for photographers! I was selling my Mark 4, because I had just upgraded to a mirrorless. Brooke contacted me as she was growing her business and upgrading her camera to the one I was selling. From there, we started talking and as they say, the rest is history! 

We’ve become great friends since then.  Even though she lives in Tennessee and I live in Georgia, Brooke has made it a point to stop and see me any time we travel through – now, I just have to make my way to TN sometime soon. 

Brooke and Isaac’s new addition to their family is a welcome one! Bristol the Cockapoo puppy is just old enough to go home with them and start bonding with his new family! They got Bristol in Savannah Georgia, and I’m so flattered they insisted on stopping on the way home for this adorable session in Piedmont Park 🙂

The Piedmont Park Photoshoot

So, of course, we had to turn this stop into a photo session and get some cute puppy photos at this Piedmont Park photoshoot while we’re at it! The family arrived in Atlanta GA, for their Piedmont Park photoshoot with me. And, not only did we get to visit, but we had an absolute blast! Those puppy pictures are so cute, and who couldn’t resist Bristol’s cuteness?!? ME!!! 

They’re such a cute family and Brooke even has a new Instagram account for Bristol as well :0) 

For those of you interested in seeing Brooke’s work as well, here’s a link to her Instagram

Brooke, Isaac and Bristol, I’m so happy that I got to serve you this day! I wish you the best and lots of happiness and I can’t wait until the next time you or I come through for a visit! 

Brooke and Isaac sitting in the grass at Piedmonth Park with their dog Bristol

Brooke and Isaac standing under an overhanging at Piedmont Park while Brooke holds their dog Isaac

Brooke holding their dog Bristol while Isaac snuggles in and plays with their dog.

Isaac kissing Brooke's neck while he dips her and she laughs during their portrait session in Piedmont Park.

Isaac kissing Brooke while he dips her on a pathway in Piedmont Park.

Isaac holding their dog Bristol while Brooke leans up against his arm and smiles at him.

Brooke holding Isaac's hand while she laughs up at him as they walk through Piedmont Park during their portrait session.

A detail photo of Bristol the dog sitting on a rock step at Piedmont Park.

Brooke sitting on stone steps at Piedmont Park while she holds her camera and smiles over her shoulder.

Brooke and Isaac holding Bristol the dog while they press their cheeks together and stand on a ledge overlooking the city.

Isaac kissing Brooke while he dips her back in Piedmont Park overlooking the city.

Isaac nuzzling Brooke's cheek while she holds his arm as they sit on the ground during their portrait session with Bristol in their lap.

Brooke and Issac kissing their dog Bristol on the head in Piedmont Park

Isaac kissing Brooke on the head while she holds their dog Bristol on her shoulder during their Piedmont Park portrait session.

Love you guys, and thank you!  Xo, Jess

Thank you so much for reading!  Are you still in search of the perfect Cleveland GA photographer for a Piedmont Park Photoshoot with your doggo? We should chat! Contact me today 🙂

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