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I was so excited to work with Lauren and capture her UGA graduation photos! She was a bit shy and reserved at first, but full of so much joy. She’s a Fashion Major in Marketing, and you could tell because she was absolutely rocking her outfit! I loved being able to capture her in her favorite locations and get some of the images that she really wanted.   

UGA Graduation Photos – Round 2

Photos Lauren actually had previous UGA graduation photos earlier in the year, and while she absolutely loved the images, she just wanted some different scenery since north campus was now in full bloom. 

The Arch – UGA Superstition

Erected in 1857, the arch is now a place of tradition, and superstition. Every year, recent graduates line up to pass under the arch for the first time. Students refrain from walking under it for years until they graduate. Then, they all do so as a class! The superstition goes that if you pass under the arch before you graduate, you never will. And, unfortunately, my brother has some personal experience with this superstition – having to return to college much later in life to graduate. So, while I’m not superstitious myself, I have seen evidence of that very same thing happening within my own family!

There’s usually a huge line at the arch, all the students waiting for photographers to take their senior photos there. When Lauren and I took her traditional UGA graduation photos, thankfully, we didn’t have to wait long. She was awesome and totally killed it! During this session she also wanted to get lots of greenery and any flowers in bloom from around campus, so I made sure to get lots of floral shots for her! 

Lauren, I’m so happy that I got to serve you this way! I wish you the best and lots of happiness and adventure in your future – wherever that takes you! 

Congratulations and thank you!  Xo, Jess


UGA graduate standing elegantly with her legs crossed as she holds her cap in on hand and her gown over her shoulder in the other.

UGA graduate smiling at the campus entrance while she holds her cap on with one and and her gown in the other over her shoulder.

Woman walking through a garden looking off into the distance while she wears her college cap and gown.

Collage of a woman in her college cap and gown pulling the graduation bell at UGA

Woman holding her cap on her head with one hand as she smiles during her college graduation photos

Woman looking down at the ground smiling while she plays with the tassel on her college grad cap

A look at a woman smiling off in the distance in her college graduation cap and gown through the branches of a tree on UGA's campus.

A woman in a black cocktail dress holding her graduation cap on her head while she holds her gown in the other over her shoulder

Collage of a woman in a black cocktail dress sitting on the edge of a fountain wearing her college graduation cap

Woman holding her college graduation cap in both hands on her head while a fountain goes off behind her.

A woman model walking with her UGA cap in one hand and her gown thrown over her shoulder as it blows in the wind.

Collage of a woman standing in a garden smiling while holding her cap in one hand and gown in the other.

UGA graduate walks through a garden on campus playing and looking down at her hair

Female UGA graduate smiling on the porch of a campus building with gorgeous white stone columns.

Collage of a UGA graduate leaning against the column of a campus building smiling and holding her cap in one hand

Woman walking across the porch of a campus building with white stone columns while holding her graduation cap in one and and playing with her hair

Woman leaning against a white stone column on UGA's campus while smiling and looking at the ground.

UGA graduate walking up the stairs to the campus entrance while holding her graduation cap in one hand and smiling back over her shoulder

UGA graduate in her black gown holding her graduation cap in one hand and the other hand is placed on a post at the entrance to campus

Woman with her hand on her hip smiling off in the distance during her graduation portrait session

Woman standing at the entrance to UGA's campus with her legs elegantly crossed smiling


Thank you so much for reading!  Are you still in search of the perfect Athens, GA photographer for UGA graduation photos? We should chat! Contact me today 🙂


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