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Andrew’s UGA senior portraits were so much fun to capture! I loved this session so much, because it was full of firsts and even a surprise that we were able to compensate for and still have an amazing time. 

Andrew is a senior at UGA and he’s following in his family’s footsteps, graduating in residential property management. He’s a first generation graduate and he has several hobbies that I could speak about. But when I learned that he was an aspiring photographer, my heart just soared! I loved being able to engage with him on a personal level about something we both cared about. 

An Exception to the Rules

The day we were taking photos was something special. As a rule, I don’t shoot on Sundays. But for Andrew and his family, I decided to make an exception. His girlfriend and their dog came with him to the shoot. I was so excited to meet her and their furry-family-member! They wanted some photos together and I was happy to oblige. 

We started on the campus at UGA, and we busied ourselves taking photos here and there, capturing important memories and memorable moments from his time at college. It was a beautiful early April day. And, since it was a Sunday, the campus was a lot less full than I was used to! This made Andrew’s UGA senior portraits a bit easier to capture! 

A Sunday Surprise

But, something that we didn’t plan for was the campus itself. When it came time to change outfits I was used to sending my clients into any bathroom they wanted to swap clothes. Since it was a Sunday, and I had never been there on a Sunday before, everything was locked! No matter which bathroom we tried, there wasn’t any option available! 

However, we didn’t let this deter us! We were both determined to get the photos he wanted, and that’s exactly what we did! 

Andrew, I had such a fun time taking your senior portraits at UGA! I can’t wait to see where the future takes you and I’m looking forward to seeing you and your girlfriend again! 

Congratulations and thank you, again!  Xo, Jess


A man wearing a red number 11 football jersey spinning his graduation tassel on his finger in front of the UGA football field

A man and his girlfriend holding hands in front of the UGA football field. He is wearing a red jersey and she is wearing a navy jersey.

UGA graduate flings his graduation cap towards the camera as he smiles in his gown and a suit.

A black lab wearing a UGA graduation cap as he smiles.

A woman getting a piggy back from her boyfriend as they both smile during graduation photos.

A man leans against a poll in his suit with a red tie during graduation photos on UGA's campus

A man kisses his girlfriend on the cheek while dressed in a graduation robe and her holding their dog's leash.

A UGA grad smiling in his graduation gown in front of marble stone steps holding his dog's leash.

UGA graduate kisses his girlfriend on the cheek while they both stand on the porch of a campus building.

UGA graduate ringing the graduation bell in his cap and gown.

Collage of a man standing in front of a fountain wearing a suit and red tie and sitting on the edge of the fountain during his graduation photos.

A man wearing a navy polo leans against a railing at the UGA football stadium

A man standing in front of the gates to the UGA football field while holding his gown in one hand and pumping his fist in the air with the other.

A UGA graduate stands on the football field in his cap and gown looking off into the distance.

A man and his girlfriend stand on the UGA football field smiling while he wears his graduation cap and has his gown thrown over his shoulder

A man in a red football jersey stands on the field and throws his graduation cap in the air during his graduation photo session

A man in a red jersey stands in the football stadium with his dog during his graduation photo session at UGA

UGA grad stands on the porch of a campus building wearing his graduation gown and holding his cap in one hand

A UGA graduate stands in his gown in front of the campus entrance while looking off into the distance and holding his cap in one hand

A man leans against a metal fence on the UGA campus with his graduation gown over his shoulder and his cap in one hand

UGa graduate standing smiling in front of the entrance to campus wearing his black graduation robe and holding his cap in one hand during his graduation photo session

Thank you so much for reading!  Are you still in search of the perfect Cleveland GA photographer for your senior portraits at UGA or any other college? We should chat! Contact me today

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