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Wedding Photography Tips, Stop Getting Ghosted, 3 Things

Hey, wedding photographers I have 3 great wedding photography tips for you today!  Do you struggle with getting ghosted or have trouble actually booking your wedding photography leads? Today I’m sharing the the 3 things I do with every qualified lead that hits my inbox in order to ensure I stay at the forefront of their mind, thus increasing my booking rate! I use these 3 critical touch points with every potential client to establish myself as a clear communicator, set myself up as a professional, and show them that I’m a leader in the industry. If you want to stop getting ghosted, it’s really as simple as 1-2-3.

Touchpoint No. 1

The first critical touch point is responding with a “wedding lead available email” if you’re available for their date. This email is very extensive, because you don’t ever want to leave a potential client guessing. Things to include in your email might be: how many hours of coverage they might need, links to a blog post for them to see samples of your work, linked galleries from their venue if you’ve ever shot there before, and of course your pricing guide with available package options. It’s helpful for potential clients to be aware of your pricing right off the bat, so that if you are outside of their price range, they are aware early on. You also don’t want to waste their time, and this helps eliminate wasting any of your time too! Lastly, at the bottom of the email, I always indicate that we are ready to chat. But here’s the deal- very rarely do the leads ever respond to that email! If you’re getting ghosted, it’s likely because you send an email similar to what I’ve described above, and you don’t do anything else.

Touchpoint No. 2

That leads us to the second critical touch point- a text message. That’s right! Did you know that a text message has more than a 200% chance of being followed up with over any other means of communication? Two-hundred percent! That means you are more than 200% more likely to get a response from sending a text over sending an email, calling them, etc. So, once I send the “I’m available email,” I immediately follow up with a text message with every single lead. In the text message, be sure to let them know that you just sent them an email that includes all of the details they need to know. Be sure to encourage them to check their “promotion folder” (AKA the spam folder, but I don’t like to call it that) in case they aren’t able to find the email. And always be sure to ask them when is a good time to schedule a quick chat. Some photographers even send a video text for this step! Hit send and you’ll be amazed at the responses you get just by incorporating this second touch point.

Touchpoint No. 3

Last, but not least, my final touch point for any wedding lead is simply a phone call. Some photographers and videographers prefer an in-person meeting, but I’ve found that it’s not necessary to meet in person. In fact, it may actually save you time and money to schedule a phone call vs. and in-person meet-up, and your couple may also prefer this method if it saves them time as well.  If you’re curious about learning more about my “why” regarding this business decision, I encourage you to download and read the audiobook “The E-myth Revisited” which can help you determine how to work “for your business” vs. “in your business.” Your goal should be to schedule a call within the first 24-48 hours. You do not want your potential clients to wait a week, because they are going to book the photographer they connect with first. So regardless of whether they are able to schedule a time with you in response to your text, just give them a call. Even if you’re just leaving a voicemail to introduce yourself, this step is critical. Then you’ve done your due diligence to follow-up on your lead.

If you’re looking for an incredible resource to help you break the ice and get into a good flow during your conversation with new potential wedding clients, please be sure to check out my freebie guide “Conversation starters.” It includes 3 questions I ask every lead during a consult to help make the conversation feel more personal and less transactional.

In summary, send an email, send a text message, and give them a call. Remember, with every lead that you get- they want to hear from you! They filled out your form, and they are expecting to hear back. It’s not a cold call. If you implement these 3 simple steps, I know you’ll be amazed at how this process can improve your booking rate with qualified leads.


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