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Today I have some wedding photography tips for you that will hopefully help you win over more clients during your consults. Are you a wedding photographer who struggles with how to win over leads and potential wedding clients beyond just sending out an email or two? If so, there are simple conversational techniques you can implement that will help you build relationships and book more clients.

Today, I want to share three essential questions I ask at every consult to make the consult more personable and less transactional. This is so important, because nobody cares about what you offer or sell as much as they care about how you care about them. Because the wedding industry is a very personal business (a wedding is a very personal celebration), it’s critical that the brides and grooms are able to connect with you and know that you care about them from the start.

Be sure to check out my free guide called “Conversation Starters” that is loaded with even more information and details about how to transition from one question to the next and what do do after you’re done asking all of your personal questions. So, if you like this content, definitely check out that guide for even more details.

Essential Question #1

The first thing I ask during every consult before even saying hello, thanks for chatting, etc. is for the potential clients to give me an intro about who they are as a couple and individuals. For example, I might say something like, “I would love to get this conversation started by knowing about you two! I would love to hear anything you want to tell me. Give me your 101, if you will.” This is my way of asking for an intro into their story. Then, I’m quiet. I listen. It’s important to give the couples time and space to tell you what they think is important.

Some couples are very quiet and shy, while others will elaborate on their own. Either way, it’s your responsibility to get and keep them talking! Each bit of information they share with you is an opportunity to ask for more details. For example, if they simply say, “We met in college,” you might ask, “Oh really, what college did you go to?” Give them options; pull information out of them in an unassuming way. Utilize this question and every follow up question as a way to uncover as much about them as you can about them to connect with them.

Word to the wise- take notes! You can jot down notes on pen and paper,  or you if you already utilize a platform like Dubsado, go ahead and type notes directly into their profile in the notes section to save yourself time and stay organized. After you have pulled as much personal information out of them as you can, then you are ready to move on to question number 2.

Essential Question #2

My next question is about how the couple spends quality time together. You may actually uncover some of this information in their response to your first question, but that’s okay. You can use their response as a segue into the next question, or simply adjust as needed. Ask, “What (else) do you guys do for quality time together?  What are your favorite things to do together?” Again, give quiet time for them to respond. Don’t feel the need to fill the space yourself and answer for him/her. It may feel awkward, but it’s important to give them a chance to think. Give them a chance to answer. And don’t worry, because they absolutely will answer you! When they do, remember to write down their responses, because those details can be utilized as conversation starters at the engagement session in the future. It also gives you yet another opportunity to uncover more and connect with them.

Essential Question #3

The third question is along similar lines of favorite things, but instead it’s favorite qualities of their spouse-to-be. You’re going to ask what their favorite qualities of their fiancé are. This is a chance to really get to see what kind of couple they are. Are they romantic? Flirty? Adventurous? 9/10 times, I’m just talking to the bride without the groom-to-be present on the phone call. In which case, I just simply ask, “What are your favorite qualities about him?” In the event the fiancé is also on the phone, I turn it around and ask him/her to take a turn sharing favorite qualities as well. It also helps you determine if you’re going to be a good fit for them. This is usually my favorite part of the phone call, because you will hear some of the sweetest answers. This is typically a special, memorable moment for them as well, and you usually will not need to ask for for them to elaborate.

Looking for more wedding photography tips?

If you’re curious about what your next steps might be after your essential 3 questions, you’re in luck! For the last 6-7 months, I have been working tirelessly on prepping an epic course called, “Closing the Consult” to help wedding photographers and videographers like you close more sales and increase booking rates using simple, joyful, non-pushy sales system. I’ve worked in sales for over 20 years, so this course is absolutely packed with details that will help you get and stay fully booked! So, if you are interested in knowing what to do with your wedding leads, or if you’ve been getting ghosted after sending out emails hoping to hear back, you will definitely want to be on the lookout for this course that is launching very soon! Be sure to check out my free guide called “Conversation Starters” that is loaded with even more information and details about how to transition from one question to the next and what do do after you’re done asking all of your personal questions. So, if you like this content, definitely check out that guide for even more details.

Again, the 3 questions I ask are: give me your 101, what are your favorite things you like to do together, and what are your favorite qualities about each other. After you have asked those 3 essential questions and gotten more answers by asking more follow-up questions based on what they’ve fed you, you will have a good sense of who your potential clients are personally, and I guarantee those potential clients will have connected with you in a way that makes them much more likely to book you as their wedding photographer! If you follow these simple wedding photography tips, I know it will help you increase your booking rate.

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