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Of All the Engagement Photographers in Atlanta

When Julia and Taylor picked me to take their photos out of all the engagement photographers in Atlanta, GA I was ecstatic! They’re such a sweet and friendly couple! They even brought their cute doggo, Oliver, to their engagement session at the Roswell Mill Ruins too! All told, this session was so much fun! I can’t wait for their wedding in Grant Hill Farms in Commerce, GA!

About Julia & Taylor

Julia and Taylor met three or four years ago in Greensboro during grad school. They started as friends within the same friend group. Taylor then asked her out to one of their favorite breweries. After that, they dated all through the pandemic and here they are now. They’re so ready to be married to each other! 

Taylor is super approachable and just a kind and genuine person. Julia is full of energy and dynamic. And when they’re together Taylor just kinda mellows Julia’s energy out, and they just vibe together. They both love trying new things together and one of their favorite pastimes is going to new breweries and sampling the drinks! If they’re not doing that, then they’re both walking their dog Oliver, AKA “Ollie,” together in a park. 

They both graduated in 2020. Taylor works in cyber security and works from home, allowing him to be a full time dog-dad! Julia has a Masters in counseling and is a school counselor for a middle school in Charlotte and holds clinics for mental health in the evening. She really likes individually counseling teens and young adults! 

A Surprise Engagement

At the end of October, Taylor asked Julia to marry him! They went to Lamar Park in Charlotte, GA. Then, he took her to a restaurant in town. Having a fun time, she was talking excitedly and not really paying attention when Taylor got down on one knee! Julia was so shocked, she didn’t even remember what he said! She said “yes,” of course! And, then they went to their favorite brewery in town to celebrate! They showed up to all of their friends and family waiting for them to help them celebrate! They even had custom Oliver cups made with the date and their initials! So Cute! 

The Roswell Mill Ruins, where we took their engagement photos, is such a beautiful place. It has a river, and it’s full of trails and greenery too! We took photos along the pathways as well as the old bridge there! They even brought Oliver with them. Her mom came along for this occasion, of course she wanted some beautiful photos with the bride to be, but to take care of Ollie when he wasn’t in the pictures. I always tell my clients to bring someone along when you bring your beloved pet with you.  

Julia and Taylor,  I’m so thankful that you trusted Five Fourteen Photography with being your engagement photographers in Atlanta! It was such a special day getting to photograph you and I’m praying God blesses you and your coming wedding!  

Congratulations and thank you, again!  Xo, Jess

Julia and Taylor kissing on a bridge during their engagement session.

Julia and Taylor holding their dog on a bridge during their engagement session with Five Fourteen Photography.

Julia holding Taylor's arm while they laugh at each other.

Julia and Taylor holding their dog on a path during their engagement session.

Collage of Julia with her mom and her with the couple during their engagement session.

Taylor leaning up against a brick wall while Julia looks up at him.

Julia looking at the camera over her shoulder while Taylor looks down at her during their engagement session

Julia and Taylor laughing while they hold hands and walk together during their engagement session with Five Fourteen Photography

Collage of Julia and Taylor holding hands and looking into each other's eyes and them walking hand in hand with their dog.

Julia and Taylor walking hand in hand with their dog while they look at each other during their engagement session.

Collage of a detail photo of a dog and Julia's engagement ring on Taylor's chest.

Taylor holding Julia's face while he kisses her during their engagement session.

Julia holding Taylor's arm while they walk together across a bridge during their engagement session with Five Fourteen Photography.

Taylor hugging Julia from behind during their engagement session with Five Fourteen Photography.

Collage of Julia and Taylor kissing and them walking hand in hand during their engagement session.

Julia and Austin holding and looking at their dog.

Julia with her hand on Austin's chest during their engagement session.

Thank you so much for reading!  Are you still in search of one of the best engagement photographers in Atlanta, we should chat! Contact me today 🙂

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