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This blog is where you'll find a more extensive view of my work, some wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

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  Hi!  I'm Jessica, the main communicator for Five Fourteen Photography. Here is where I love to share our client's stories! As you browse, you will find complete wedding galleries, some great wedding tips, and you'll get to know my family and I on a more personal level. Enjoy!

They say you should get personal on your blog every now and then; well, then this one’s gonna get personal… This year Mother’s Day falls on May 14th (Five Fourteen)!  Five Fourteen is special to me because it is from Matthew 5:14 where the Word reminds us we are to be the LIGHT of the World… […]

Podcasts for Creative Entrepreneurs running a Photography Business We creative entrepreneurs wear so many hats in our businesses that it is imperative that we are always learning and seeking to improve ourselves, our client experience, and our business savvy!  However, there is so much information to soak in with so little time to do it. […]

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I just thought it would be fun to list a few facts you may or may not know about me (Jessica)! Here it goes… I wear Tom’s all year round. I’m a little obsessed with watching make-up tutorials even though I wear basic make-up on a day to day basis. I’ve watched Rudy more times than […]

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This was more than just a selfie, it was a 15 minute break we chose to take to ourselves on our wedding day. There were no family, no friends, no photographer (gasp!), and no videographer. The day went so fast that I am truly grateful for this private moment we got to spend together. We wrapped up family photos, the guests were all enjoying the cocktail hour, and Rick and I snuck upstairs to the bridal suite where we…

I have decided that I WILL blog on a regular basis. After all, I have found over the last few years that I enjoy writing. Of course, this came at the experience of term papers, research papers, essays, dissertations, and the ever so tedious capstone. Fear not- you will not be bored with the details of drug court effectiveness. Yes, I majored in Sociology. While I have found great satisfaction in this area of my life and…



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I'm Sharing My Best Kept Business Secrets Here

I'm Sharing Business Secrets Here